Expert Resources on Earth Jurisprudence.

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Bagni, Silvia Document The constitutionalization of indigenous culture as a new paradigm of the Caring State          
Berros, María Valeria Website NGO Capibara. Nature, Law and Society          
Berros, María Valeria Document Hacia un abordaje multidimensional y multiescalar de la cuestión ecológica: la perspectiva del bue          
Berros, María Valeria Document Ética animal en diálogo con recientes reformas en la legislación de países latinoamericanos          
Berros, María Valeria Document Breve contextualización de la reciente sentencia sobre el habeas corpus en favor de la orangutana S          
Berros, María Valeria Document El estatuto jurídico de la naturaleza en debate (meulen en el mundo del derecho)          
Berros, María Valeria Document Trama de construcciones de significado al interior del campo legal: cosas, ambiente, naturaleza, ser          
Berros, María Valeria Video Diálogos interdisciplinarios          
Berros, María Valeria Website Rights of Nature Arcadia Collection          
Dahl, Arthur Lyon Document The Ethics of Hope: Values as Positive Drivers for a Sustainable Future          
Dahl, Arthur Lyon Document Healing Our Relationship with Nature          
Dahl, Arthur Lyon Document Putting the Individual at the Centre of Development: Indicators of Well-being for a New Social Contract          
Dahl, Arthur Lyon Document A Multi-level Approach to Ethics, Service and Responsible Living          
Dahl, Arthur Lyon Website International Environment Forum          
Damery, Patricia Document The Water Crisis in California: Interview with Charlie Toledo, Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche          
de Carvalho Dantas, Fernando Antonio Website O SABER QUE A GENTE SABE - The Knowledge We Know          
de Oliveira Moraes, Germana Document Ecofeminismo e Justiça          
de Oliveira Moraes, Germana Document Integração sul-americana e o novo constitucionalismo democrático latino-americano          
de Oliveira Moraes, Germana Document El reto de la explotación sostenible de recursos energeticos en el ambito de la UNASUR y el nuevo p          
de Oliveira Moraes, Germana Document O desafio da UNASUL de aproveitamento sustentável dos recursos energéticos e o novo paradigma ambi          
Elbers, Joerg Document Ciencia holística para el buen vivir          
Elder, John Video Together at the Table          
Elder, John Document Climbing the Crests          
Felber, Christian Document          
Gray, Joe Document A Manifesto for Earth (by Mosquin and Rowe)          
Gray, Joe Document Ecodemocracy: helping wildlife’s right to survive          
Gray, Joe Document How the proposed reintroduction of Eurasian lynx to Britain illustrates competing values...          
Gupta, Aditya          
Hasson, Vanessa Website NGO MAPAS          
Hasson, Vanessa Video Love & Peace on Harmony with Nature          
Hasson, Vanessa Document Rights of Nature          
Hasson, Vanessa Document CARTA DA NATUREZA          
Hasson, Vanessa          
Kauffman, Craig Document Testing Ecuador’s Rights of Nature: Why Some Lawsuits Succeed and Others Fail          
Kauffman, Craig Document Matrix of Ecuadorian Rights of Nature Cases          
Kauffman, Craig Document Scaling up Buen Vivir: Globalizing Local Environmental Governance from Ecuador          
Kauffman, Craig Video Putting Rights of Nature into Practice          
Mason, Ian Document One World, One Wealth          
Mason, Ian Document Rethinking Economics: Reviewing the ethical foundations of Economics          
Mason, Ian Document Economics Unbound: A call for an independent economics profession          
Mathews, Freya Document "From biodiversity-based conservation to an ethic of bioproportionality", Biological Conservation          
Mathews, Freya Document “Do the Deepest Roots of a Future Ecological Civilization Lie in Chinese Soil?” in John Makeham          
Mayer, Stephan Document The Connectedness to Nature Scale: A Measure of Individuals Feeling in Community with Nature          
Mayer, Stephan Document Why is Nature Beneficial? The Role of Connectedness to Nature          
Mayer, Stephan Document The Emergency of Climate Change: Why Are We Failing to Take Action?          
Mayer, Stephan Document The Importance of Connectedness to Nature in Evaluating Environmental Education Programs          
McMillin, T.S. Document The Discipline of Abandonment: Emersonian Properties of Transdisciplinarity & the Nature of Method          
McMillin, T.S. Document Beauty Meets Beast: Emerson’s English Traits          
McMillin, T.S. Website Listening to the Los Angeles River          
Moassab, Andreia Website cape verde social [un]sustainability          
Moassab, Andreia Document Manual for architectural disobedience in 25 steps (or only one)          
Mofid, Kamran Website Nature the Best Teacher: Re-Connecting the World’s Children with Nature          
Mofid, Kamran Website Values to Build a Better World          
Mofid, Kamran Website Small is Beautiful: The Wisdom of E.F. Schumacher          
Mofid, Kamran Website How to make the Nobel Prize in Economics Noble?          
Mofid, Kamran Website Sustainable Development Goals: Where is the Common Good?          
Mofid, Kamran Website Why Values Matter          
Mofid, Kamran Website Today in our tainted and debased era, common good matters most          
Mofid, Kamran Website Taxes and the Common Good          
Park, Taehyun Website Wild Law(as translated in korean)          
Rosales, Jon Document Alaskans Sharing Indigenous Knowledge          
Schmidt, Jeremy Document Ethics in the Anthropocene: a research agenda          
Waters, Rachel Website If Jimmy Met Matika: The Power and Peril of Photographing Indigenous Peoples          
Waters, Rachel Website Invisible Indians: Termination, Denial and the Innovation of Political Agency          

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