See the Pen CSS 3D Solar System by Harmony With Nature () on CodePen.

The solar system reminds us that, just as the Earth is not at the center of the Universe, neither are we humans the center of the Earth. We, along with the rest of the natural world, are all interconnected within the larger web of life.


Welcome to the Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network an online platform of practitioners, academics and researchers dedicated to strengthening interdisciplinary collaborations to advance a non-anthropocentric, or Earth-centered worldview also called Earth Jurisprudence. At the core of this worldview, is the recognition of the intrinsic value of Nature and of human-Earth relationships that are symbiotic, interconnected and subject to the natural laws of the Universe.

The Knowledge Network gathers leading experts at the cutting-edge of the natural and social sciences. Their disciplines encompass physics, biology, ecology, economics, sociology, law, ethics, spirituality, anthropology, philosophy, medicine, linguistics and more. The work of these experts advance an Earth-centered worldview in which human-Earth relationships are balanced within the greater web of life to live in Harmony with Nature.

Many Indigenous peoples cosmovisions, ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions from around the world have long recognized the symbiotic nature of the human-Earth relationship. It is these deep spiritual and philosophical relationships that underpin and inspire the work of this Knowledge Network both in theory and practice.

The Knowledge Network seeks to increase the availability of tools and resources rooted in human-Earth interconnectedness to inform policy makers and urge societies across continents to reconsider how they interact with the natural world. It offers an alternative approach to current thinking and practice that can guide humanity towards a more holistic, peaceful, and balanced future.

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