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  • The Constitution of Malawi, 1966
  • The Constitution of Malawi, 1994

Malawi's Constitution1 of 1966 does not provide for environmental protection and management. Malawi's Constitution of 19942 recognizes that environmental protection is an important aspect of sustainable development. Article 13 of Chapter III declares that the State shall promote the welfare and development of its citizens by implementing policies and legislation for responsible environmental management, among other areas. Article 13 (d) (iii) accords full recognition to the rights of future generations to environmental protection and the sustainable development of natural resources.

The Environment Management Act of 1996 recognizes in its 5th Article that every person shall have a right to a clean and healthy environment. The Act addresses national environmental policy as well as the conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources. It establishes the National Council for the Environment which, among other tasks, is responsible for integrating environmental considerations in all aspects of economic planning and development.

The National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) was developed in 1994 to provide the framework for integrating environmental management and protection in national socio-economic development programs. The Plan incorporates an Environmental Monitoring Programme and an Environmental Information System and Centre. Details can be found here.

Further information on current environmental programmes and activities can be obtained through the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment and additional information on environmental legislation in Malawi can be accessed through the official website of the Government of Malawi.

1. The 1966 Constitution of Malawi is available here.
2. The current Constitution of Malawi can be accessed through the World Intellectual Property Organization website.