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  • Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, 1986

Liberia´s Constitution1 of 1986 addresses environmental protection and management. Article 7, Chapter II, of the Constitution provides for the full participation of all citizens in the protection and management of the environment and natural resources in Liberia. The Bill of Fundamental Rights guarantees every person in Liberia the right to a clean and healthy environment.

The 2002 Environmental Protection Agency Act establishes Liberia´s Environmental Protection Agency as the national authority responsible for monitoring, coordinating, and supervising the sustainable management of the environment. The EPA is also mandated to provide high quality information and advice on the state of the environment.

The Act also addresses environmental planning, enforcement, and control by establishing an Environmental Court of Appeals. It also makes financial provisions for environmental management in the form of the Environment Protection Fund and discusses economic instruments for environmental management.

Liberia´s National Environmental Policy provides a broad framework for the implementation of national objectives and plans pertaining to the environment. It aims to ensure sound natural resource management and integrate environmental considerations into all levels of national planning. The policy document can be accessed here.

Details on sustainable forestry management projects can be found through the official website of Liberia's Forestry Development Authority.

Additional information on environmental legislation in Liberia can be accessed through the official website of the Environmental Protection Agency.

1. An English version of the current Constitution of the Republic of Liberia can be accessed through the UN Refugee Agency's website.