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  • The Lebanese Constitution, 19261

The Lebanese Constitution promulgated in 1926 brings in its article 89 the statements about environmental protection: "no contract or concession for the exploitation of the natural resources of the country, or a public utility service, and no a monopoly may be granted except by virtue of a law and for a limited period." Lebanese Constitution does not provide for sustainable development.

The Law on Environmental Protection (only in Arabic), 2002, provides for regulating the environment protection and the Environment Information System and the participation in environment management and protection. According to the FAO Legal Office's website, Part I deals with fundamental principles and general provisions and Part VII contains final provisions in particular the following matters: air protection and fighting bad smells; coast protection and marine protection against pollution; water pollution control; land and underground protection; installations; dangerous and harmful chemical substances; noises; natural resources management; and biodiversity protection and natural disasters.

For further information regarding environmental protection in Lebanon, please access the Ministry of Environment's website.

1. The official English version of the Lebanese Constitution can be found at The official English version of the Lebanese Constitution can be found on the Presidency's website.