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  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Libya, 1951
  • Constitution of Libya, 1969
  • Constitution of Libya1, 1977
  • Libyan Interim Constitutional Declaration2, 2011

The Libyan Interim Constitutional Declaration, 2011, does not mention environmental protection or natural resources.

Libya adopted in 1982 the Law on the protection of environment (only in Arabic) as a framework law on environmental protection. In 2003 the Law on the protection and improvement of the environment (only in Arabic) was promulgated. According to the FAO Legal Office’s website, the Law contains general provisions on environmental protection and provides for the air, seas and marine resources, water resources, food and foodstuffs, diseases, soil, plants, wildlife, biodiversity. Other environmental legislation can be accessed through the FAO Legal Office's website.

1. An unofficial French version of the Constitution of Libya, 1977, is available here.
2. An unofficial English version of the new Constitution of Libya is available here.