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  • Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, 1922

The Constitution of Latvia1, 1922, provides for environmental protection in its 115th Article: "the State shall protect the right of everyone to live in a benevolent environment by providing information about environmental conditions and by promoting the preservation and improvement of the environment."

The Law on Environmental Protection, 1991, states in its First Section:
"The purpose of this Law is to promote sustainable development in the field of environmental protection, to create and ensure an effective environmental protection system, the functions of which are the following:
1) to conserve, protect and improve the quality of the environment;
2) to protect human health;
3) to ensure environmental protection from the impacts created by anthropogenic loads;
4) to conserve biological diversity;
5) to promote the sustainable utilisation of natural resources and energy;
6) to ensure the inclusion of environmental protection requirements in the regulatory enactments, conceptions, plans and programmes regulating other sectors;
7) to ensure public participation in the observation of environmental protection principles and the implementation of environment policies; and
8) to ensure that the public has the opportunity to freely receive environmental information."

Information regarding environmental protection in Latvia can be accessed through the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration's website.

1. The Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, 1922, with its amendments until 2009, can be accessed on the Government's website.