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  • Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, 1990

The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania1, 1990, does not incorporate any specific right to a healthy environment. However in Article 53 the Constitution requires the people of Lithuania to protect the environment from harmful influence, and Article 54 involves the State for protection of the natural environment and the wild life and plants.

Lithuanians Law on Environmental Protection, 1992, was last amended in 1996. It first states that “environmental protection shall be the concern and duty of the State and of each of its inhabitants”. Since 2004 Lithuania is also a member of the European Union (EU).

The Sustainable Development Strategy of Lithuania is related to European Union with achievement of sustainability by 2020. The strategy was approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2003 with the latest update in 2009.

Information on Lithuania’s environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government’s official website.

1. The current Constitution of Lithuania is available here.