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  • Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 1868

The Constitution of Luxembourg1
, 1868, sets the basis of environmental policies in Article 11, which declares that the “State guarantees the protection of human and natural environment. It should work to establish a sustainable balance between nature conservation, especially its capacity for renewal, and satisfaction needs of present and future generations and the protection and welfare of animals ".

The Law of 25 June 2004 on the coordination of the National Sustainable Development Policy established the High Council for Sustainable Development (CSDD) as an advisory body for reflection and discussion on sustainable development fields. The Regulation of 2005 defines its composition, organisation and functioning. The composition was decided by the Government Council of 13 September 2006 and the CSDD held its first meeting on 7 November 2006.

Luxembourg works to develop and implement a sustainable development policy at the national level and to participate actively in the efforts in this field internationally. The Luxembourg Government approved in 1999 the first National Plan for Sustainable Development (PNDD1). The work focused on developing a set of indicators of sustainable development as well as the definition of a legislative framework for sustainable development.

In November 2010, the Government adopted the second National Plan for Sustainable Development (PNDD2). It was developed and discussed according to the specifications of the legislative framework for sustainable development: joint work of the Interdepartmental Commission for Sustainable Development.

Information on Luxembourg’s environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government’s official website.

1. The 1868 Constitution of Luxembourg is currently available here.