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  • Independance Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, 1963
  • Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, 1969
  • Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, 2010

The Constitution1 of 1963 addresses land issues; however, it does not attend to environmental matters.
The Constitution of 20102 addresses important aspects of the relationship between humans and nature in article 42 of its Bill of Rights. It dedicates Chapter V on "Land and the Environment" and states the rights of citizens and responsibilities of the government on environmental matters in articles 69 and 70.
Article 42 establishes, among others, the right to a clean and healthy environment, including protection for present and future generations through legislative and other measures.
Article 69 establishes, among others, the obligations of the state in respect of the environment, including the sustainable exploitation, utilization, management and conservation of natural resources and the equitable sharing of the accruing benefits.
Article 70 establishes, among others, the enforcement of environmental rights, including legislative measures and the ability of individuals to petition to courts in cases when a right to a clean and healthy environment has been violated.

The passing of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act in 1999 precipitated the development of various other acts and regulations pertaining to nature and it culminated in the inclusion of the natural environment in Kenya's revised Constitution of 2010.

Information on Kenyan environmental legislation and other matters can be accessed through the official website the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources.

1. The Constitution is available here.
2. The current Constitution of the Republic of Kenya can be accessed through the Kenyan Embassy's website.