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  • The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan1, 1995

The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1995, sets the role of the State toward the environment.

“Article 31
The state shall set an objective to protect the environment favourable for the life and health of the person.”

The Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2007 provides the fundamental basis for the protection of the environment in the country:

1) The achievement by the State of the objective consisting in the ensuring a favorable environment for human life and health;
2) Environmental protection and biodiversity preservation;
3) security and implementation of the right of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop its natural resources and to defend its national interests in matters of natural resource use and environmental impact;
4) Fair satisfaction of needs of present and future generations;
5) Development of sustainable production and consumption models;
6) Conformity of the environmental regulation to the conditions of social and economic development with due consideration of the environmental condition;
7) Honoring everyone’s right to have access to environment-related information, and extensive involvement of the public in deciding matters of environmental protection and sustainable development;
8) Ensuring publicity of environmental protection measures being taken;
9) Global partnership for the purposes of preservation, protection and restoration of the sound condition and integrity of the ecosystem of the Earth;
10) Promotion of development of the international law applicable to liability for environmental damage; and
11) Containment and prevention of the transfer to other states of any activities or substances that have material impact on the environment or are deemed harmful for human health, and also taking all precautions as may be necessary in the event of threat of material or irreversible damage to the environment.”

More information regarding environmental protection in Kazakhstan is provided on the Ministry of Environment’s website.

1. The Constitution the Republic of Kazhakstan’s translation to English is available on the Constitutional Council’s website.