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  • Constitution of Iraq, 1925
  • Constitution of Iraq, 1958
  • Constitution of Iraq, 1963
  • Constitution of Iraq, 1964
  • Constitution of Iraq, 1968
  • Constitution of Iraq, 1970
  • Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period, 1990
  • Iraqi Constitution of 2005

Article 33 of the current Iraqi Constitution1 approved in 2005 mentions environmental issues and use of natural: “First: Every individual has the right to live in safe environmental conditions. Second: The State shall undertake the protection and preservation of the environment and its biological diversity.”

The Law on the Protection and Improvement of the Environment, 1993, “aims at protecting and improving the environment including the territorial waters from the pollution as to avoid of its effectiveness over the health, environment and natural resources, and putting the environmental policy, and preparing the plans necessary to that as to achieve the development liable to continuous.” It also establishes the Council of Protecting and Improving the Environment, connected with the Council of Ministers.

Environmental legislation can be accessed through the Food and Agriculture Legal Office’s website.

1. The official English version of the Iraqi Constitution is available on the Government's website.