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  • Constitution of the Republic of Italy, 1947

The Constitution of Italy1, 1947, mentions in its Article 117 a list of international obligation including European Union legislation, with a more precise mention that one of them points out protection of the environment, the ecosystems and cultural heritage. However environmental protection or sustainable development are not listed as fundamental rights in the Constitution.

Italy’s main environmental legislation is the Legislative Decree No. 152 of 2008. The Environmental legislation generally aims at promoting the quality of human life through the protection and improvement of the environment, and careful use of natural sources within the international and European Union legislation, and the Italian Constitution.
The final target is to prevent and reduce water pollution, and to improve water quality by monitoring waste waters from domestic, industrial and urban areas.

The Italian government is reviewing and updating the Environmental Action Strategy for Sustainable Development in Italy of 2002 to match and fulfill with the reviewed European Union Sustainable Development Strategy (EUSDS), adopted in 2006.

Information on Italy’s environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government’s official website, only in Italian.

1. The Constitution of the Republic of Italy, 1947, can be accessed in an English version through the Senate's official website.