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  • Constitution of the Republic of Hungary, 1949

Article 70 of the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary1, 1949, states that the Republic of Hungary shall implement environmental right through institutions of labor safety and health care, through the organization of medical care and the opportunities for regular physical activity, as well as through the protection of the urban and natural environment.

The new Constitution of Hungary, 2012, states that "Hungary shall promote the exercise of the right set out in Paragraph (1) by ensuring that its agriculture remains free from any genetically modified organism, by providing access to healthy food and drinking water, by managing industrial safety and healthcare, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, and by ensuring environmental protection."

In 1995 the Hungarian Parliament adopted the Act on the General Rules of Environmental Protection as framework regulation which purpose is to "establish the principal rules in connection with the protection, preservation and planned development of the human environment for the purpose of the protection of people's health and the regular improvement of the living conditions of the present and future generations." In its Preamble, the Act refers to the mentioned articles of the constitution and declares the following: "the natural heritage and environmental values are part of the national wealth, their preservation and conservation and the improvement of their quality are primary conditions from the aspect of the health and quality of life of the biosphere, and of humans in particular; without them, no harmony between human activities and nature can be maintained, neglecting them would pose a hazard to the health of present generations, the existence of future generations and the survival of a number of species."

Hungaria has also adopted a National Sustainable Development Strategy in 2007 which main principles are an holistic approach, an intra-generation and inter-generation solidarity, social justice, sustainable management of resources, integration, use of local resources, public participation, social responsibility, precaution and prevention and "the polluter pays principle".

Information on Hungary's environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government's official website.

1. The Constitution of Hungary is available in a un-translated version on the Parliament's website.