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  • Constitution of Haiti, 1805
  • Constitution of Haiti, 1816
  • Constitution of Haiti, 1843
  • Constitution of Haiti, 1889
  • Constitution of the Republic of Haiti, 1987

The Constitution of the Republic of Haiti1, 1987, states in its 52nd Article that: ''Civic duties are the citizen's moral, political, social and economic obligations as a hole to the State and the country''. These obligations are: ''[...] h. to respect and protect the environment''. Title IX is entirely dedicated to environment protection, as following:

''Article 253: Since the environment is the natural framework of the life of the people, any practices that might disturb the ecological balance are strictly forbidden.
Article 254: the State shall organize the enhancement of natural sites to ensure their protection and make them accessible to all.
Article 255: To protect forest reserves and expand the plant coverage, the State encourages the development of local sources of energy: solar, wind and others.
Article 256: Within the framework of protecting the environment and public education, the State has the obligation to proceed to establish and maintain botanical and zoological gardens at certain points in its territory.
Article 257: The law specifies the conditions for protecting flora and fauna, and punishes violations thereof.
Article 258: No one may introduce into the country wastes or residues of any kind from foreign sources.''

Information regarding environmental protection in the Republic of Haiti can be accessed on the Ministry of Environment's website (only in French).

1. The current Constitution of Haiti is available in French on the non-official website www.haiti-reference.com and in English at http://www.wipo.int/wipolex/fr/.