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  • Constitution of Ghana, 1992

In the Constitution of Ghana, 1992, Article 36 (9) declares that the State will take appropriate action to ensure environmental preservation for future generations. Article 41(k) states that the protection of the environment is the duty of every citizen. Chapter 21 of the Constitution of Ghana, 1992, provides for the Lands and Natural Resources.

The Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST) has been created to establish a strong scientific and technological base for sustainable development in Ghana and assist in providing the country with a well-managed environmental resource base.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is mandated to manage sustainably Ghana's land, forest, wildlife and natural resources through the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of relevant policies and programmes.

Information on Ghana's Environmental Management and Action Plans, adopted in 1991, can be found here. A National Capacity Self-Assessment report is available here.

Additional information on environmental legislation in Ghana can be accessed through the official websites of the Government and the Environmental Protection Agency.