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  • The Constitution of the Principality of Andorra1, 1993

The Constitution of Andorra sets in its Preamble its willing to “bring [its] collaboration and effort to all the common causes of mankind, and especially to those of preserving the integrity of the Earth and guaranteeing an environment fit for life for the coming generations”.

Article 31 also sets that: “the State has the task of ensuring the rational use of the soil and of all the natural resources, so as to guarantee a befitting quality of life for all and, for the sake of the coming generations, to restore and maintain a reasonable ecological balance in the atmosphere, water and land, as well as to protect the autochthonous flora and fauna.”

Environmental legislation of Andorra is available on the FAO Legal Office’s website.

1. The 1993 Constitution of Andorra is available on the official Constitutional Court’s website.