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  • The Georgian Constitution, 1921
  • Decree on State Power, 1992
  • The Constitution of Georgia1, 1995

Article 37 of the Constitution of Georgia states among others that:
3. “Everyone shall have the right to live in healthy environment and enjoy natural and cultural surroundings. Everyone shall be obliged to care for natural and cultural environment”.
4. With the view of ensuring safe environment, in accordance with ecological and economic interests of society, with due regard to the interests of the current and future generations the State shall guarantee the protection of environment and rational use of nature.
5. A person shall have the right to receive a complete, objective and timely information as to a state of his/her working and living environment.”

The Law of Georgia on environmental protection, 1996, is the framework law on environment protection and natural resources in the country. First Articles states explicitly its main objectives:

1. “Subject of the Regulation of the Law
This Law regulations the legal relationship between the bodies of the state authority and the physical persons or legal entities (without distinction-legal form) in the scope of environmental protection and in the use of nature (hereinafter in “environmental protection”) on all Georgia’s territory including its territorial waters, airspace, continental shelf and special economic zone.”

2. “System of Legislation in the Scope Environmental Protection
The legislation in the scope of environmental protection involves the Constitution of Georgia, international treaties and agreements to which Georgia is a party, this Law and other statutes acts and subordinate legislation.”

3. “Cardinal Purpose and Task of the Law
1. The main purpose of the Law is to:
a) al define the principles and standards of legal relationship in the scope of environmental protection;
b) protect basic human rights provided by the Constitution of Georgia in the scope of environmental protection-to live in an environment surroundings and cultural heritage;
c)ensure the protection of the environment and rational use of nature by the state, as well as to provide an environment harmless for human health, in accordance with ecological and economic interests of society, taking into consideration the interests of current and succeeding generations;
d) preserve biological diversity, rare, endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna typical for the country, protect the sea and ensure an ecological balance;
e) preserve and protect natural landscapes and ecosystems;
f) ensure the settlement of common global and regional problems in the scope of environmental protection with legal foundation;
g) ensure conditions for the stable development of the country.

2. The main task of the law is:
a) protect and preserve the environment, so that it is safe for human health;
b) ensure, with legal foundation, the protection of the environment against all harmful impact;
c) ensure with legal foundation the preservation and improvement of the quality of the state of the environment;
d) ensure optimum mutual compatibility (harmonious combination) of ecological, economic and social interests of society;
e) ensure the administration of the use of natural resources, taking into consideration the principles of potential possibilities and the stable development of the environment.”

For further information regarding environmental policies in Georgia, please access the Ministry of Environment’s official website.

1. The current Constitution of Georgia, 1995, with its amendments until 2006, is available on the official website of the Parliament. The Constitution was amended in 2010 too and the changes will come into force in 2013 but they do not concern environment protection.