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  • Constitution of Ethiopia, 1931
  • Constitution of Ethiopia, 1955
  • Constitution of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, 1987
  • Constitution of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, 1995

Ethiopia’s Constitution1 of 1995, in its Article 44, states that all persons have the right to a healthy environment and are entitled to monetary or other compensation in case of adverse environmental effects caused by State programmes.
The 92nd Article outlines Ethiopia’s environmental objectives. It states that the Government will ensure a clean and healthy environment by designing and implementing programmes and projects which do not cause environmental damage or destruction. Article 92 concludes that both government and citizens have the duty to protect the environment.

The Environmental Protection Authority was established in 1994 under the Ministry of Natural Resources Development and Environmental Protection. The EPA became an independent regulatory and monitoring body in 2002. Its mandate is to enhance good environmental governance by developing enabling policy and regulatory frameworks, preparing and implementing proactive environmental management systems, improving education and awareness, and enforcing compliance mechanisms.

Further details on Ethiopia’s national conservation strategies and environment action plans can be found here. Information on environmental standards, guidelines, and proclamations in Ethiopia can be found here.

Details on Ethiopia’s environmental and social management framework can be found in this report of the Ministry of Works and Urban Development.

Additional information on Ethiopia’s environmental framework can be accessed through the official website of the Ministry of Works and Urban Development.

1. The current Constitution of Ethiopia can be accessed here.