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  • The Egyptian Constitution, 1879
  • Constitution of Egypt, 1882
  • Constitution of Egypt, 1923
  • Constitution of Egypt, 1930
  • Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 1956
  • Provisional Constitution of Egypt, 1963
  • Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 1971
  • Constitutional Declaration of Egypt of 2011

Article 59 of the Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt1, 1971, states that “environmental protection is a national duty and the law shall regulate measures necessary to maintain good environment.”

The provisional Constitution of Egypt adopted in 2011 does not bring provisions with regards to the environment and use of natural resources2.

The Environment Law of 1994 is the first general law on environmental protection in Egypt. Environmental Impact Assessments, Annual Reports on Environment and other information regarding environmental protection can be accessed through the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Strategy’s website.

1. The previous Constitution of Egypt (1971) is available here.
2. An English version of the Constitutional Declaration of Egypt is available on the official website of the government.