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  • Constitution of Albania, 1913
  • Constitution of Albania, 1925
  • Fundamental Stature of the Kingdom of Albania, 1928
  • Constitution of Albania, 1939
  • Constitution of the People’s Republic of Albania, 1946
  • Constitution of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, 1976
  • Constitution of the Republic of Albania, 1998

The Constitution of the Republic of Albania1, 1998, states in its 56th Article that “everyone has the right to be informed for the status of the environment and its protection.” Article 59 regarding “Social Objectives” states that “the State, within constitutional powers and the means at its disposal, aims to supplement private initiative and responsibility with (…) f) a healthy and ecologically adequate environment for the present and future generations;”.

The Law on Environmental Protection of Albania, 1993, states in its First Article that ‘environmental protection constitutes a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the society, a priority of national concern, the main strategic elements of which are: prevention and reduction of pollution of any kind; conservation of biological diversity specific to the country’s natural bio geographical background; rational management of the natural resources and the avoidance of their overexploitation; the ecological restoration of the areas damaged by anthropic activities or natural destructive phenomena; preservation of ecological balance; and life quality maintenance and improvement.”

More information regarding environmental protection and natural resources in Albania can be accessed on the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Administration of Waters’ website.

1. The Constitution of Albania is available on the official website of the Government