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Czech Republic

  • Constitution of the Czech Republic, 1992

The Czech Republic environmental policy puts its basis in Article 7 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic1, 1992, which states that the State shall attend to a prudent utilization of natural resources and to protection of natural wealth.

Czech Republic's environmental policy is settled in the State Environmental Policy of the Czech Republic. The policy has implemented a number of laws and regulations such as EU Directives, international agreements as well rights of citizens in respect to the environment which are embedded in the Constitution of the Czech Republic. The protection of nature and landscape is assured in Act 114/1992. The Act is divided into general site and species protection and special site such as national parks and species protection.

The Sustainable Development Strategy of the Czech Republic was adopted in 2004 with progress report in 2006-2009.

In 2010 the Government of Czech Republic updated the Strategy for Sustainable Development. The new report is called Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development in the Czech Republic and shall operate until 2030.
The new strategy identifies five indicators and is determined on both national and regional level:

1. Society, people and health
2. Economy and innovation
3. Spatial development
4. Landscape, ecosystems and biodiversity
5. A stable and secure society.

Information on Czech Republic's environmental legislation can be accessed through the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic's website.

1. The Constitution of the Czech Republic, 1992, can be found on the Parliament's official website.