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  • The Constitution of Afghanistan 1923
  • The Constitution of Afghanistan 1964
  • The Constitution of Afghanistan 1976
  • The Constitution of Afghanistan 1987
  • The Constitution of Afghanistan 1990
  • The Constitution of Afghanistan 2004

The last Constitution of Afghanistan ratified on 26 January 2004 succeeds 5 past constitutions1 . Article 15 states that "the state shall be obligated to adopt necessary measures to protect and improve forests as well as the living environment".

Within the Central Government's executive branch, the Department of Environment Protection supports the President's Office by proposing acts and regulations.

In 2005, the Environment Act2 was promulgated by presidential decree and it gives effect to the Article 15 of the Constitution while dealing with "issues relating to rehabilitation of the environment and the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, living organisms and non-living organisms" and establishes the National Environmental Protection Agency.

The main purposes enshrined in the 2005 Environment Act are:

"1. Improve livelihoods and protect the health of humans, fauna and flora;
2. Maintain ecological functions and evolutionary processes;
3. Secure the needs and interests of present and future generations;
4. Conserve natural and cultural heritage;
5. Facilitate the reconstruction and sustainable development of the national economy."

1. As of March 5, 2012, teh texts of the previous Afghani Constitutions were not available online on the Afghanistan's Ministry of Justice website.

2. A non-official translation of Afghanistan Environment Act of 2005 is available on the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency's website.