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  • Constitution of Bulgaria, 1991

Article 16 of the Constitution of Bulgaria1, 1991, states that "the Republic of Bulgaria shall ensure the protection and conservation of the environment, the sustenance of animals and the maintenance of their diversity, and the sensible utilization of the country's natural wealth and resources". Article 56 states that "Citizens have the right to a healthy and favorable environment, consistent with stipulated standards and regulations."

The Environmental Protection Act, 1991, states in it First Article that:
"This Act shall regulate:
1. the collection and provision of information concerning the state of the environment;
2. the exertion of control over the state of the environment;
3. the terms and procedures of environment impact assessment;
4. the planning and implementation of environmental protection activities;
5. the rights and obligations of central and local authorities, bodies corporate and physical persons as regards environmental protection."

The competent authorities in charge of implementation of the national environmental legislation are the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW), the Regional Inspectorates on Environment and Water (RIEW) and the municipal administrations.

Information on Bulgaria's environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government's official website.

1. The 1991 Constitution of Bulgaria can be accessed here.