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  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Belgium, 1831

In year 1994 the right to a healthy environment and its protection has been admitted under Article 23 of the Belgian Constitution1 of 1831.

Belgium follows the three pillars of the Aarhus Convention. The convention lies within the areas of authority of multiple institutions and levels of power. For the most part, environmental issues were transferred to the three regions within the federal state following on the state reform of 1993. The institutions involved are responsible for implementing the convention within their own areas of authority.

Sustainable development policy in Belgium is guided by the international agenda, In line with the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, Belgium views the three pillars of sustainable development as interdependent and mutually reinforcing and recognizes that economic, social and environmental objectives can reinforce each other and should advance together.

Information on Belgiumís environmental legislation can be accessed through the Governmentís official website.

1. Belgian Constitution can be accessed here.