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  • The Constitution of Belize, 1981

In the Constitution of 19811 the Preamble states, in its (e) paragraph, that the People of Belize “require policies of state which “protect the environment”.

The Environmental Protection Act, 2000, states that the Department of Environment’s powers, duties and functions shall be to-
(a) be responsible for the continuous and long-term assessment of natural resources and of pollution;
(b) ensure the protection and rational use of natural resources for the benefit of the present and future generations;
(c) prevent and control pollution by co-ordinating all activities relating to the discharge of wastes into the environment; […]
(g) conduct, promote, and co-ordinate research in relation to any aspect of environmental pollution or the prevention thereof, and to develop criteria for the protection and improvement of the environment; […]
(k) provide information and education to the public regarding the importance of protection and improvement of the environment; […]
(w) advise on the effects of any sociological or economic development of the environment;
(z) encourage governmental and non-governmental institutions/agencies to align their activities with the ideas of sustainable development;
(aa) exercise any other functions relating to the protection of the environment.”

More information about sustainable development in Belize is available through the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development’s website.

1. An official version of the Constitution of Belize is available on the National Assembly of Belize’s website.