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  • Constitution of the Republic of Belarus1, 1994

The Constitution of Belarus does not provide for environmental protection.

However, Belarus adopted in 1992 the Law on protection of the environment as its framework law regarding environment and natural resources. In its Preamble, the Law states that: "The protection of the environment is a prerequisite of stable economic and social development of a state. The present Law is aimed at the ensuring the legal principles of protection of the environment, nature management, protection and restoration of biological variety of natural resources and objects, and directed on provision of constitutional rights of citizens to the environment favourable to human life and health."
Article 3 of the same Law states that:
"The Main Goals of Legislation of the Republic of Belarus on Protection of the Environment are:
- to provide favourable environment;
- to regulate the relations in the sphere of the protection of natural resources, their utilization and reproduction;
- to prevent harmful influence on the environment by the economic and other activity;
- to improve the human environment;
- to provide rational use of natural resources."

For further information regarding environment protection policies in Belarus, please access the official website of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

1. The Constitution of Belarus is available on the Presidency website.