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  • Constitution of the Republic of Botswana, 1965

The Constitution of the Republic of Botswana1, 1965, does not provide for environmental protection or sustainable development.
Botswana does not currently have a framework environmental law. The country's commitment to sustainable resource management is reflected in Vision 2016. The document states that, by 2016, renewable resources will be used at a rate consistent with their regeneration capacity.

The Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism is responsible for managing environmental issues through better coordination of policies, strategies and programs. It incorporates the Department of Environmental Affairs, which is responsible for formulating and implementing policies, programs and legislation for environmental protection and natural resource conservation. It has developed a Training Manual on Environmental Law with the assistance of PADELIA2.

Additional information on Botswana environmental legislation can be accessed through the official website of the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism.

1. The Constitution of Botswana can be accessed through the Embassy of Botswana website.
2. Partnership for the Development of Environmental Law and Institutions in Africa