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  • Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu1, 1980

In its 7th Article, the Constitution of Vanuatu, 1980, states that:
“Every person has the following fundamental duties to himself and his descendants and to others- (…) (d) to protect the Republic of Vanuatu and to safeguard the national wealth, resources and environment in the interests of the present generation and of future generations;”.

The Environmental Management and Conservation Act, 2002, provides for the environment and biodiversity protection in Vanuatu. It establishes an Environmental Registry and prepares the National State of Environment reports. Its third part is dedicated to the Environmental Impact Assessments.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme also published in 2004 a Review of environmental legislation and policies in Vanuatu. Other information on environmental legislation in the country are available on the FAO Legal Office’s website.

1. The Constitution of Vanuatu is available on the Parliament's website.