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  • Constitution of Ukraine, 1996

The Constitution of Ukraine1, 1996, states in its Article 16 that “ensuring environmental safety, maintaining ecological balance in the territory of Ukraine […] shall be the duty of the State.” Article 41 providing for land use and property states that “the use of property shall not prejudice the rights, freedoms, and dignity of citizens the interests of society or aggravate the environmental situation and the natural qualities of land”.
Article 50 gives the basis of an environmental right: “Everyone shall have the right to an environment that is safe for life and health, and to compensation for damages caused by violation of this right. Everyone shall be guaranteed the right of free access to information about the environmental situation, the quality of foodstuffs and consumer goods, as well as the right to disseminate such information.”

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office’s official website, the Law on environmental protection, 1991’s purpose is “to regulate relations in the sphere of protection, use and creation on natural resources, ensuring ecological safety, prevention of the negative environmental impact of economic and other activities and liquidation of its consequences, conservation of natural resources, genetic stock of animate nature, landscape and other ecosystems, unique areas and natural objects related to cultural heritage.” Legislation on environmental issues in Ukraine is available at http://faolex.fao.org.

All the information regarding environmental protection in Ukraine can be accessed through the Ministry of Environment and Nuclear Protection’s website.

1. The Constitution of Ukraine is currently available on the Constitutional Court’s official website.