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United Arab Emirates
  • Constitution of the United Arab Emirates1, 1971

The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates of 1971 brings the following statement on natural resources:
“Article 23: The natural resources and wealth in each Emirate shall be considered to be the public property of that Emirate. Society shall be responsible for the protection and proper exploitation of such natural resources and wealth for the benefit of the national economy.”

The Federal Law on the environment protection and development, 1999, aims to achieve the following goals:
1. “Protection and conservation of the quality and natural balance of the environment.
2. Control of all forms of pollution and avoidance of any immediate or long-term harmful effects resulting from economic, agricultural, industrial, development or other programmes aiming at improving life standards and co-ordination among the Agency, Competent Authorities and Parties concerned with the protection of the environment and conservation of the quality, natural balance and consolidation of environmental awareness and principles of pollution control.
3. Development of natural resources and conservation of biological diversity in the region of the state and the exploitation of such resources with consideration of present and future generations.
4. Protection of society, human health and the health of other living creatures from activities and acts, which are environmentally harmful or impede authorized use of the environmental setting.
5. Protection of the State environment from the harmful effects of activities undertaken outside the region of the State.
6. Compliance with international and regional conventions ratified or approved by the State regarding environmental protection, control of pollution and conservation of natural resources.”

For further information regarding environmental protection in United Arab Emirates, please access the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water’s website.

1. The official English version of the Constitution of the UAE is available at http://www.uaecabinet.ae.