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  • The Constitution of Tuvalu Ordinance1, 1986

According to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme and its review of Environment related Laws in Tuvalu, 2007, "there are no specific references in Tuvalu's Constitution to conservation of resources and sound environmental or resource management. The rights of future generations however are acknowledged in the Principles of the Constitution."

Tuvalu adopted in 2008 its Environment Protection Act, "an Act to provide for the protection and management of the environment in Tuvalu and related purposes. According to Article 4, the general objectives of this Act are:
a- "to coordinate the role of government in relation to environmental protection and sustainable development;
b- Provide a mechanism for the development of environmental policy and law;
c- To promote a clean and healthy environment for all Tuvaluans;
d- To prevent, control, monitor and respond to pollution;
e- To promote public awareness and involvement in environmental issues and the preservation of Iloga as is relates to the environment;
f- To facilitate compliance and implementation of obligations under any regional and international environmental or natural resources agreements or conventions to which the Government of Tuvalu has ratifies or acceded to;
g- To facilitate sustainable development with respect to the management of the environment and natural resources;
h- To facilitate the assessment and regulation of environmental impacts of certain activities;
i- To promote the conservation and, where appropriate, sustainable use of biological diversity and the protection and conservation of natural resources, on the land, in air and in the sea;
j- To reduce the production of wastes and to promote the environmentally sound management and disposal of all wastes."

1. The Constitution of Tuvalu is available at http://www.tuvaluislands.com/const_tuvalu.htm..