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  • Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, 1964
  • Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, 1961
  • Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, 1982

The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey on its section VIII on Health, the Environment and Housing brings the terms of the constitutional provisions regarding environmental issues:

"VIII. Health, the Environment and Housing

A. Health Services and Conservation of the Environment
Article 56. Everyone has the right to live in a healthy, balanced environment.
It is the duty of the state and citizens to improve the natural environment, and to prevent environmental pollution.

To ensure that everyone leads their lives in conditions of physical and mental health and to secure cooperation in terms of human and material resources through economy and increased productivity, the state shall regulate central planning and functioning of the health services.

The state shall fulfil this task by utilizing and supervising the health and social assistance institutions, in both the public and private sectors.
In order to establish widespread health services general health insurance may be introduced by law.

B. Right to Housing
Article 57.The state shall take measures to meet the need for housing within the framework of a plan which takes into account the characteristics of cities and environmental conditions and supports community housing projects."

The Turkey's Environment Law, 1983 states in its First Article that the "objective of this Law is to protect and improve the environment which is the common asset of all citizens; make better use of, and preserve land and natural resources in rural and urban areas; prevent water, land and air pollution; by preserving the country's vegetative and livestock assets and natural and historical richness, organize all arrangements and precautions for improving and securing health, civilization and life conditions of present and future generations in conformity with economical and social development objectives, and based on certain legal and technical principles."