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  • Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan1, 1994

The Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan of 1994 provides three articles with clear reference to the environment and natural resources:

“Article 13. Land, its entrails, water, airspace, flora and fauna, and other natural resources shall be owned by the state, and the state guarantee their effective use in the interests of the people.

Article 38. Everyone shall have the right to health care. Everyone shall enjoy free of charge medical assistance in the state medical establishments, within the framework of law. The state shall take measures aimed at protecting environment, developing mass sport, physical culture, and tourism. Law shall define other types of medical assistance.

Article 44. The protection of natural, historical and cultural heritage shall be the duties of everyone.”

More information about Environmental legislation in Tajikistan is available through the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office’s Website.

1. An English version of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan is available on the Tajikistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.