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  • Constitution of the Republic of Suriname, 1975
  • Constitution of the Republic of Suriname, 1987

The current Constitution of Suriname1, 1987, states in its 6th Article regarding Social Goals that: "the social objectives of the State shall aim at: a- the identification of the potentialities for development of the own natural environment and the enlarging of the capacities to ever more expand those potentialities (�) g- creating and improving the conditions necessary for the protection of nature and for the preservation of the ecological balance."

The Nature Conservation Act (only in Dutch) of 1994 provides for the protection of natural resources. Suriname has also published its First National Communication under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change "as basis for the future decisions dealing with mitigation of the climate change and so fulfilling the commitment to the UNFCCC."

Environmental legislation in Suriname is available on the FAO Legal Office's website.

1. The Constitution of Suriname is available in English here.