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  • Constitution of the Somali Republic1, 1960
  • Constitution of the Somali Republic, 1979
  • Transitional Federal Charter of Somalia2, 2004

The Transitional Federal Charter of Somalia, 2004, provides for environmental protection in its 67th Article:
“1. The natural resources of the country such as the minerals, water, flora and fauna shall be public property and a law shall be enacted which defines the manner of exploitation for the common good.
2. The Transitional Federal Government shall give priority to the protection, conservation, and preservation of the environment against anything that may cause harm to the natural bio- diversity and ecosystem.
3. Every person in the Somali Republic shall have a duty to safeguard and enhance the environment and participate in the development, execution, management, conservation and protection of the natural resources and environment.
4. The Transitional Federal Government shall adopt urgent measures to clean up the hazardous waste dumped on and off shores of the Somali Republic. Compensation shall be demanded of those found liable for such crimes.
5. The Transitional Federal Government shall take urgent steps to reverse the trend in desertification, deforestation, environmental degradation, illegal charcoal burning and export of endangered wildlife species.”

Seventh Section of the 71st Article on the transitional period states that: “the ongoing development projects in the country may continue, provided they do not infringe on the sovereignty of the state and do not harm the environment. All new projects are subject to Transitional Federal Government guidelines and approval” and the 11th Section states that “the Transitional Federal Government shall audit and assess all ongoing foreign funded development projects with a view to establishing whether they infringe on Sovereignty or state security or impair the culture, environment or health of the people.”

1. The previous Constitution of Somalia is available at http://www.somalilaw.org/Documents/Constitution1960.pdf.
2. The Transitional Federal Charter of Somalia is available here.