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  • Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, 1991

The present Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia1, 1991, sets the basis of environmental protection legislation in its 72nd Article:
“Everyone has the right in accordance with the law to a healthy living environment.
The State shall promote a healthy environment. To this end, the conditions and manner in which economic and other activities are pursued shall be established by law.
The law shall establish under which conditions and to what extent a person who has damaged the living environment is obliged to provide compensation.
The protection of animals from cruelty shall be regulated by law.”

The Environmental Protection Act (ZVO) was announced in 1993 and updated in 2004 to harmonize the EU legislation with the Slovenian environmental laws. According to Article 1 and the fundamental laws in the Environmental Protection Act, the protection of the environment is regulated so the condition of good environment goes together with sustainable development. Environmental protection is using principles such as best available technics that prevent, eliminate or reduce environmental burdens, measures and monitoring methods for observation and overseeing the environment. The environmental protection will also be achieved with public services, e.g. information, economic and financial mechanism.

Information on Slovenia’s environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government’s official website.

1. The current Constitution of Slovenia can be accessed at http://www.us-rs.si/en/about-the-court/legal-basis.