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  • Constitution of the Slovak Republic1, 1992

The Slovakian environmental policy takes its roots in Article 44 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic where it is stated that :

1. “Everyone has the right to a favorable environment.
2. Everyone is obliged to protect and enhance the environment and the cultural heritage.
3. No one may endanger, or damage the environment, natural resources, and the cultural heritage beyond the extent laid down by law.
4. The State looks after a cautious use of natural resources, ecological balance, and effective environmental care, and provides for the protection of specified species of wild and animals.”

The European Commission is urging Slovakia to bring its national legislation on assessing the effects of plans and programmes on the environment in line with EU rules. The current legislation on strategic environmental assessments in Slovakia contains a number of shortcomings.

The Commission is asking Slovakia to ensure the full transposition into national law of Directive 2001/42/EC (the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive) on assessing of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment. In October 2009, the Commission notified Slovakia that its national legislation was not entirely in line with the Directive.

The main challenges for the sustainable development of the Slovak Republic in the field of good governance are following:

- to strengthen the position of regions and municipalities,
- to optimise the system of public administration,
- to increase the quality and efficiency of public administration,
- to deal with availability of basic local public services to the general public,
- to increase internal and external security,

Information on Slovakia's environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government’s official website.

1. http://aceproject.org/ero-en/regions/europe/SK/Constitution_slovakia.pdf.