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Sierra Leone
  • The 1971 Constitution of Sierra Leone
  • The 1978 Constitution of Sierra Leone
  • The 1991 Constitution of the Republic of Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone’s Constitution1 of 1991 does not specifically address environmental matters. Article 7 states that natural resources shall be harnessed for economic objectives. Article 21 (2) (h) (i) makes a reference to soil and natural resource conservation.

The Environment Protection Act of 2000 provides the framework for effective environmental protection and its administration. The Act establishes the National Environment Protection Board and makes provisions for environmental impact assessments and environmental standards, among others. Part IV establishes and states the objectives of the National Environment Fund.

The Environment Protection Agency Act of 2008 establishes Sierra Leone’s Environmental Protection Agency (SLEPA) and outlines its functions and management. Part IV addresses environmental impact assessments in detail and Part V deals with ozone depleting substances.

Additional information on legislation and other environmental matters can be accessed through the website www.sierra-leone.org.

1. The current Constitution of Sierra Leone and its amendments until 2008 can be accessed at http://www.sierra-leone.org/Laws/constitution1991.pdf.