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  • The 1979 Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles, 1993

Seychelles’ Constitution1 of 1993 addresses environmental protection and preservation. In Article 38, the State recognizes the right of every person to live in a clean and healthy environment and declares it will ensure the realization of this right through measures aimed at protection, preservation and improvement of the environment, sustainable socio-economic development, and public awareness. Article 40 (e) states the duty of every citizen to protect, preserve, and improve the environment.

The 1994 Environment Protection Act provides the policy framework for environmental protection. It addresses pollution control, waste management, environmental impact assessments and other related issues. The Act also makes provisions for the establishment of a National Environmental Advisory Committee (NEAC) to review matters affecting environmental quality, advise the Minister on the state of the environment, and make recommendations for environmental protection and improvement.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is responsible for implementing policies and programs to achieve national environmental protection objectives. It also administers the Environment Protection Act and. Among other functions, the Ministry is charged with developing environmental quality standards and collecting and disseminating information related to environmental protection matters.

Additional information on legislation and other environmental matters can be accessed through the official website of Seychelles’ Ministry of Environment.

1. The current Constitution of Seychelles is available in a French translation at http://democratie.francophonie.org/IMG/pdf/Seychelles.pdf.