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  • Constitution of the Republic of Serbia1, 2006

Article 74 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, 2006, states the right to a healthy environment: “Everyone shall have the right to healthy environment and the right to timely and full information about the state of environment. Everyone, especially the Republic of Serbia and autonomous provinces, shall be accountable for the protection of environment.
Everyone shall be obliged to preserve and improve the environment.”

The Environmental Protection Law of 1991 is the official enactment of the environmental Law adopted by the National Assembly. Its duty is to “regulates the System of protection and development of the environment, determines measures of protection, the procedures of placing under protection from the adverse impact of activities on the environment, financing of protection and development of the environment and the organization of work to be carried out in the domain of protection and advancement of the environment.” The 1991 law has been repealed by the 2004 Environmental Protection Law.

More information regarding environmental protection in Serbia can be provided by the Ministry of Environment website.

All the Serbian laws providing for environmental protection can be accessed through the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office’s website.

1. The 2006 Constitution of Serbia can be accessed on the Government's website.