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San Marino
  • The Statutes, 1600
  • The Declaration of Citizen Rights1, 1974

Article 10 of the Declaration of Citizen Rights, 1974, states that the Republic shall protect the environment.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office’s website, which provides all the environmental legislation in San Marino, the Decree no.108 in matter of environmental protection aims at the prevention of pollution arising from effluent waste waters, solid waste and emissions in the air. Such discharges and emissions, which must be authorized pursuant to article 2, are classified according to their origin into civil settlements (Title II), production installations (Title III) and establishments where agricultural activities are carried out (Title IV). It represents the first and the most general legal text about environmental protection in the Republic.

1. An English version of the Constitution of 1974 with its amendments until 2004 can be accessed on the official San Marino website.