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  • Constitution of Romania, 1991

The Constitution of Romania1, 1991, provides for environmental policies which have its basics in Article 134 e) where it is stated the importance of environmental protection and recovery, as well as the preservation of the ecological balance.

In Romania, environmental laws are established through Acts of Parliament. These
Acts provide the general framework for:

- regulation of economical and social activities having an environmental impact
- protection of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity
- pollution control.

The environmental legislative system has been revised according to the European legal system. It provides laws for different parts of the environment: air, water and soil. It also provides laws related to these environments: dangerous substances, the fight against floods, forestry, food and nuclear activity. Today the Romanian environmental legislation is based on two fundamental laws that guide the whole environmental protection at the national level: the Environmental Protection Law (EPL) and the Water Law (WL). Regulation of economical and social activities having an environmental impact;protection of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity; and pollution control.

Information on Romania's environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government's official website.

1. The Constitution in available at the Chamber of Deputies' website.