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  • Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, 1973

Bahamas Constitution of 19731 mentions the environment and the natural resources. In Chapter III "Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual", Article 27 "Protection from deprivation of property", Section 2, Paragraph j i.
27.- 2) "Nothing in this Article shall be construed as affecting the making or operation of any law so far as it provides for the taking of possession or acquisition of property-
(j) for so long only as may be necessary for the purposes of any examination, investigation, trial or inquiry or, in the case of land, the carrying out thereon-
(i) of work or reclamation, drainage, soil conservation or the conservation of other natural resources;".
The National environmental Management Action Plan (NEMAP) for the Bahamas with a long-term goal of establishing a Ministry of the Environment is intended to review its global environmental responsibilities; assess its existing capacity to meet its commitments to international environmental Conventions, in particular those related to biodiversity, climate change, land degradation and wetlands; identify and prioritize their most critical needs; and determine how best to build its capacity to meet its commitment to these Conventions. The NEMAP is a tool to identify gaps and deficiencies in meeting its environmental international commitments and in addressing other environmental management issues in the country and it will also define appropriate actions as well as provide a baseline to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of its capacity developments efforts to address these gaps and deficiencies.
Other environmental laws in Bahamas can be accessed on the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office's website.

1. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is available in its more recent version on the World Intellectual Property Organization's database website.