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  • Constitution of the Portuguese Republic1, 1976

Portugal is a democratic republic state since the ratification of the Portuguese Constitution in 1976. The Constitution of 1976 with its amendments until 2005 sets out basic principles explain the democratic state with rule of law and fundamental rights and freedom for Portuguese citizens. Article 66 defines that all have the right to a human, healthy and ecologically balanced environment with the duty to protect it.

Portugal has developed a wide environmental planning and programming framework after the membership to the European Union in 1986.
The general frmework law on environment is the Law on the Environment (Law 11/87) [only in Portuguese] and came into force in 1987 with the last amendment in 2002. The law on the environment describes the basic and fundamental rights of the environmental planning and calls for public participation of environmental and land-planning policies. Portugal ratified the Aarhus Convention in 2003.

More info about Portugalís strategy for Sustainable developments can be found here.

Information on Portugalís environmental legislation can be accessed through the Government's website.

1. The Constitution of Portuguese Republic can be accessed through the Parliamentís website.