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  • Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar, 2004

The Qatari Constitution ratified in 2004, after public referendum held in 2003 contains the following article dedicated to environmental issues1.

Article 33 “The State shall preserve the environment and its natural balance in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for all generations.”

The Environment Protection Law, 2002, aims to achieve the following purposes, as stated in its 2nd Article:
1. “Protection of environment and maintain its quality and natural balance.
2. Counteract the pollution with its different shapes, and avoid any damages or instant, long range negative effects, which result from plans and programs of construction, industrial, agricultural or economical development, or any other development programs which aim to improve life standard, and achieve the supplementary protection to the environment and conserve its quality and natural balance and settlement of environmental awareness and principles of pollution counteractions.
3. Development of natural resources and conserve the biological variation and exploit it to the maximum for the benefit of the current and coming generations.
4. Protection of society and health of humans, and other live creatures from all environmental injurious actions and functions or that retard the legal use for the environmental media.
5. Protection of environment for the harmful impact of activities outside the State.”

Qatar also has a Permanent Committee for Environmental Protection and more information about its action and the Environmental Protection in Qatar can be accessed at www.qatarembassy.net/environment.asp.

1. The official English version of the Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar can be found on the Government's website.