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New Zealand
  • Constitution Act of New Zealand1, 1986

The Constitution of New Zealand contains no provisions regarding natural resources and environment.

Environment and related themes are regulated by Acts, such:
Environment Act, 1986, which, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office’s website, “provides for the establishment of the office of Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. The Act defines composition of the office and its powers and functions.
The Act also establishes the Ministry for Environment and defines its composition. Functions of the Ministry include: advise the Minister on all aspects of environmental administration, including policies for influencing the management of natural and physical resources and ecosystems, significant environmental impacts of public or private sector proposals, ways of ensuring that effective provision is made for public participation in environmental planning and policy formulation processes in order to assist decision-making; advise the Government, its agencies, and other public authorities on procedures for the assessment and monitoring of environmental impacts, pollution control, natural hazards and hazardous substances; and provide and disseminate information and services to environmental policies.”

New Zealand also adopted the Climate Change Response Act, 2002, and the Resources Management Act, 1991, as framework law providing for environmental protection. More information regarding these fields can be found on the Ministry of Environment’s website.

1. The official English version of the Constitution of New Zealand is available through the official website of the Government.