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  • The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, 1995
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, 20051

The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia (1995) clearly defines the role of the state with regards to environmental issues and the use of natural resources.
“Article 10: The state shall ensure the protection and reproduction of the environment and the reasonable utilization of natural resources.”
“Article 31: Everyone shall have the right to freely own, use, dispose of and bequeath the property belonging to him/her. The right to property shall not be exercised to cause damage to the environment or infringe on the rights and lawful interests of other persons, the society and the state.”
Furthermore, the Constitution also guarantees all citizens the right to information on environmental issues:
“Article 33.2: Everyone shall have the right to live in an environment favourable to his/her health and well-being and shall be obliged to protect and improve it in person or jointly with others. The public officials shall be held responsible for hiding information on environmental issues and denying access to it.”
The articles 48 and 89 recall further the state’s responsibility on “economic, social and cultural spheres”, including, inter alia, the environment as one of the issues to be addressed by the government:
Article 18: The basic tasks of the state in the economic, social and cultural spheres are: […] 10) to pursue the environmental security policy for present and future generations;
Article 89: The Government shall: […] 5) implement state policies in the areas of science, education, culture, health, social security and environmental protection;
The Republic of Armenia has also established specific legislation on environment protection and natural resources related issues. For further information, please access the official website of the Parliament.

1. The Constitution of Armenia can be accessed through the official website of the Parliament.