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  • Constitution of Montenegro1, 2007

Preamble of the Constitution of Montenegro, 2007, recognizes that Constitution has been redacted with “the conviction that the state is responsible for the preservation of nature, sound environment, sustainable development, balanced development of all its regions and the establishment of social justice.”
Article 23 of the same Constitution states that: “everyone shall have the right to a sound environment. Everyone shall have the right to receive timely and full information about the status of the environment, to influence the decision-making regarding the issues of importance for the environment, and to legal protection of these rights. Everyone, the state in particular, shall be bound to preserve and promote the environment.”

Article 59 on the entrepreneurship states that “freedom of entrepreneurship may be limited only if so necessary in order to protect the health of the people, environment, natural resources, cultural heritage or security and defense of Montenegro”.

The 1996 Environment Law (established with Serbia), states in its first Article that the Republic of Montenegro shall conform its economic and social development to the principles of environmental protection. Article 5 also states that the objectives of the environmental protection are the following:
- “preservation and protection of human health, integrity, biodiversity and the quality of ecosystems, genetic resources, animal and plant species, fertility of soil, natural sites and spatial resources as well as cultural heritage and anthropogenic resources;
- providing conditions for a limited, rational and sustainable management of living and non-living nature, preservation of ecological stability of nature, quantity and quality of natural resources as well as preventing dangers and threats to the environment.”

The last report on the state of the environment by the Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment in Montenegro is available here.

More information regarding environmental protection in Montenegro can be found on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

1. The Constitution of Montenegro is available at http://www.moepp.gov.mk (official but untranslated) and in English on the World Intellectual Property Organization Legal Resources’ website.