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  • Constitution of the Republic of Mauritius, 1968

The Constitution of Mauritius1, 1968, does not specifically provide for environmental protection or management or sustainable development.

The Environment Protection Act of 2002 is Mauritius' most comprehensive legislation which addresses environmental protection and management. It puts an emphasis on the enforcing administrative framework and details procedures for environmental impact assessments. In addition, the Act establishes a National Environment Fund as well as an Environment Appeal Tribunal. Part VI addresses national environmental standards.

In 2008, the Environment Protection Act was amended to incorporate certain policy objectives and respond to demands ensuing from economic development objectives. Among other enhancements, the Act institutes a prompt penalty to polluters for harm done to the environment. The full text is available here.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development was created in 1992 and is the key institution responsible for environmental impact assessments. A list of EIA reports can be found here. The National Network for Sustainable Development is chaired by the Minister of Environment and provides a forum for discussion with civil society, NGOs, and other relevant stakeholders.

The Mauritius' Environment Outlook Report for 2011 has been published as part of the preparations for Rio + 20 to assess the state of the environment and emphasize the concept of "Maurice Ile Durable", or "sustainable island". The contents can be found here. A Summary for Decision-Makers is available here.

Additional information on environmental legislation in Mauritius can be accessed through the official website of the Government.

1. The Constitution of the Republic of Mauritius can be accessed through the official website of the National Assembly.